Nabídky dobrovolnictví v zahraničí

EU Aid Volunteering
Volunteering program ensuring humanitarian aid in the third world countries
European Solidarity Corps (European Voluntary Service)
Long-term projects in Europe and surrounding countries for anyone aged 18–30.
An easy way of intercultural exchange between volunteers and hosts all around the world.
Volunteers base
Offers volunteer opportunities directly in host families thanks to this free worldwide database.
This database allows you to find the host anywhere worldwide and contact them directly.
Volunteering at organic farms, great option mainly for those interested in sustainable development and eco farming.
Global volunteering AIESEC
Volunteer internships for students focusing on education and development of exotic communities.
Global annual education project for all aged between 21 and 30.
UN Volunteers
A volunteer program in the developing countries for people older than 25 years with experiences in the humanitarian area.