KA 2

KA2 Meeting Point (2019-2021)

The project is solved by three non-governmental organisations – V.I.A.C. – Institute for youth support and development from Slovakia as an applicant, Pro Vobis from Romania and us Plan B.  The main objective of the project is to contribute to recognizing skills of young people gained in volunteering in the labour market through connecting volunteers, business companies and NGOs.

There will be three intellectual outputs created1. Research among employers and among young people to find out their relation to volunteering, if they see important in connection with the entrance to the labour market. We also want to focus on the experience of employers if young people even mention their volunteer experience in their CVs and what is helpful during the job application process to attract employers. 2. output will be volunteer recruitment database - will be small “social network,” where volunteers and employers can connect and fulfil their needs. Volunteers also will be able to generate their volunteer CVs with all those reviews and references and add them to their job applications. 3. output will be a methodology for young volunteers how to “sell” their competences gained in volunteering to employers.